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  1. Carol Allen says:

    Hi Dalaina: My name is Carol Allen and I go to RCC. I have been one of the prayer warriors on your prayer request list for the last year in the Jungle. It is a job I love doing. Hearing what prayers you need, and praying that our Great God will answer them. I started a book club with a few of the other ladies at Church and some friends, and our Book club is reading your book this month!!! We are called The Avid Readers. I got your book a couple of days ago, and just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it!!! I couldn’t put it down. So I read it in two days. Which a few of the other ladies have done also. I think we will be talking about it before our meeting on March 21st. Julie Pickering is our hostess, and she picked this book. A few of us have i-books, but the rest will be getting the book from Dennis Griggs, and Joy, who apparently have bought many and are making sure they are sold. As this is your first book, I am looking forward to reading the next one that you come up with. I like your style, and character development. I also loved the story. It was very believable. I felt I was in the dirt and muck of the jungle right along with Allison. I hope you are all well, and that God is working on the details of flying out to the village for you. God bless you, and keep your little ones safe and healthy. Keep those prayer requests coming. I love to hear what is going on down there. And praying for you all.
    Much Love to you and your family
    Carol Allen

    • Dalaina May says:

      Hi Carol! Of course I know who you are! I had heard through the grapevine that an RCC bookclub was reading Yielded Captive. How cool! I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear all of your thoughts about it! Thanks so much for your prayers! We are blessed through them in ways that we do not take for granted.

  2. Grant Logsdon says:

    Dalaina, I just finished your book and absolutely loved it. I am not a novel reader by any means but when I saw it offered through Pioneers, I had to have it. Thank you so much for allowing The Lord to use you to speak to other followers of Christ in such an amazing way. Lord bless you.

  3. Grace L says:

    Dalaina, I have just finished reading your book through for the second time in the past 3 weeks. The first reading held me so captive and I cried for the last several chapters being so caught up with Allison’s journey with God among the Shampiri. I felt led to read it a second time to better process through the sequence of events that led to such an amazing outcome. My husband and I are missionaries to an animistic UPG in East Asia and we know what it is to be called long term to see the people you love come to faith. Personally, as a woman (and even though I am much older than Allison’s character), I wondered if I could have done what she did. Yes, she had no choice, but I loved how you created her to be so real, even in her anger at God, and her being so real with God and God being so close to her. I was distraught for her when she was torn away from her husband and made to be the wife of the chief, so brutally. And yet, later in the book, I was distraught when she chose to leave her tribal husband to go back home with her children. I wondered, how could she leave when she was making so much progress with the people she gave her life to as a missionary. How could she take her children away from their father there?

    I actually love that she found Kyle still in Iquitos waiting to find a way to reach the Shampiri, but I had a hard time with the Epilogue when Kyle invited them to go back for the dedication of the New Testament. It upset me that she and Eric determined that they should not go, but only Isaac. It caused me to think about what their life must have been like after her seven years living among the Shampiri, and the concept that she (and they) had finished their part of reaching the Shampiri. She paid a huge price, but I loved the way that she surrendered (again and again) to God’s will to being there and being used by Him.

    Your book has caused me to look at my own commitment to this UPG and how God is using us here. Our life is so comfortable and the people we are here to reach are so friendly and easy to love. What if staying here became tough? What if God took my husband home? Could I stay on without him? Could He still use me here? I guess these are often questions that missionary wives have as they serve with their husbands on foreign soil.

    Thank you, Dalaina, for inspiring me and challenging me with this book. I look forward to your next book. May God bless your ministry in Peru.

    • Dalaina May says:

      Wow, what an joy it was to read your post. Thank you for you service, and as one who “gets” how hard this calling is, I am honored by your words. It was a crazy journey as I wrote Yielded Captive because many times I had no idea myself where the story was going. So much of it was written from my own fears, my processing of the new reality of tribal life, and just an over-active imagination. Other parts just seemed to happen and take me by surprise. I cried several times when I was writing (my husband thought I was really weird).

      It’s been interesting to hear feedback from different people, some of whom really hated that Allison left the tribe and her new family there. I have never offered an opinion as the author because it is just more fun to let people debate it, but for you, I want to make an exception… In my mind, I came to respect Majiro’s character and saw that he changed when he encountered Christ. However, I could not forget that he was also Allison’s kidnapper and rapist. I think Allison came to the place of forgiveness and even acceptance, but she was never given the choice over her own body and sexuality and there would have been an incredibly deep trauma regardless of the relationship that they eventually built. In the epilogue, I like to think that Allison and Eric were able to build a brand new life with an appreciation for all they had gone through, but I respect the idea that there is wisdom in not returning to a place where incredible trauma and victimization has taken place even if all has been healed and forgiven. As a friend of too many who have been victims of sexual violence, that fact was never far from my mind or heart as Allison’s story came to life.

      At any rate, I am truly blessed by your words. I am so thankful that God used Yielded Captive to encourage and challenge your own faith and ministry. I can’t think of a better reason for having written it! Blessings to you and yours!

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